Alyssa Diluca

Alyssa Diluca

Alyssa Diluca

Alyssa Diluca, family counsellor at Swabey Family Counselling.

Professional Credentials:

  • Master of Social Work Degree.
  • Registered Social Worker in good standing with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.
Safe Space

Meet Alyssa Diluca (she/her)

I’m a Group Facilitator, lover of all things outdoors, and advocate of children and youth mental health. Being a tween or teen can be difficult with all the stressors of trying to balance school, social media, friendships, and life responsibilities. With everything going on, managing emotions and healthy life habits can be challenging! Through my teen counselling efforts, I am confident that I can help tweens, teens, and their caregivers foster healthy relationships, develop lifelong skillsets, and experience fulfilling lives.

What I Do:

I help tweens and teens:

  • Strengthen their relationships with family and peers through HEALTHY BOUNDARIES and HELPFUL COMMUNICATION!
  • Create POSITIVE SELF-ESTEEM and SELF-CONFIDENCE through resilience, self-love, and self-positivity!
  • Navigate mental health challenges with HEALTHY COPING STRATEGIES that can be sustained into adulthood!
  • Develop problem solving skills that increases COOPERATION and COLLABORATION!

How I Can Help

My PASSION for working collaboratively with tweens, teens, and their caregivers ensures that we understand and address the root challenges and create long-term solutions – solutions that help your tween and teen feel fulfilled and successful as they navigate life!

I will create a safe space for all tweens and teens to learn new tools to manage school, friendships, social media, and life responsibilities!

Let’s get your tweens and teens thriving and living their best lives!

How Can I Help You?

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