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Our Mission & Vision

At Swabey Family Counselling, we are dedicated to nurturing strong family relationships and fostering the well-being of children...

Counselling for Expecting & New Parents

Counselling for Expecting or New Parents

When preparing for parenthood, we often focus on reading pregnancy books, crafting birth plans aligned with our values, and stocking up on baby supplies...

Counselling For Parents

Counselling for Parents

As a parent, you spend a lot of time and energy just trying to “make it” through the day.  It’s on you to get everyone out the door smoothly...

Counselling For Children

Counselling for Children

The number of temper tantrums you face in a day seems out of the norm.  Every little thing sends your child off into an emotional meltdown...

Counselling For Teens

Counselling for Teens

Your teen seems to be all over the map emotionally, filled with anxiety one moment and rage the next...

Counselling for Young Adults

Counselling for Young Adults

Being a young adult in today's fast-paced and ever-changing world feels daunting. Navigating the transition into adulthood, establishing independence...

Jessica Swabey, MACP, CCC, RSW

Together, We Grow Stronger: At Swabey Family Counselling we believe  that every family has the potential to thrive. By integrating the principles of interpersonal neurobiology into our counselling approach, we guide parents, children, and teens toward deeper self-awareness, emotional regulation, and meaningful connections. Together we embark on a journey of healing, resilience, and growth, fostering enduring bonds that withstand life’s challenges.

You can enjoy parenting, your child can be happy, and your teen can be successful.  Let’s get started!

Jessica Swabey

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