Your teen seems to be all over the map emotionally, filled with anxiety one moment and rage the next. Friendship drama is at an all time high, and when you try to help, your teen tells you that you just DON’T UNDERSTAND.  The tension in the house is sky high, and your patience is long gone.

You’re worried about your teen.  Too much time is spent behind closed doors, DISENGAGED from friends and family, and instead engaged in a life online.  Your attempts of connection are rejected and you just don’t know what to try anymore.

Is your teen going to make it through high school?  Poor organizational skills, weak study habits, and the inability to take responsibility for choices, leaves you wondering if it’s possible.  You try to build up skills for them to succeed but are left shaking your head in FRUSTRATION.

As a parent, you just want your teen to be successful.  To feel good about who they are, to have confidence, and to have healthy relationships.  You want them to learn coping skills, to respectfully communicate feelings and needs, and to make choices that they are proud of.


Your teen CAN be happy, successful and confident so that they are ready for college and beyond.  We have just the tools for them and for you as a parent, so that you can competently support them every step along the way.

The families we work with experience amazing shifts like respectful communication between parents and teens; teens knowing how to use strategies that build calm, control, and confidence which increase problem solving skills; teens understanding and maintaining healthy relationships; and teens that are self-reliant and ready for young adulthood!

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