The number of temper tantrums you face in a day seems out of the norm.  Every little thing sends your child off into an emotional meltdown.  You feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING to help your child and yet nothing seems to be working.  At least once everyday, you find yourself wondering, “Am I doing something wrong? Is this my fault?”

The adjustment to school is not going well.  Although the behaviors at school seem to be okay, at home there is a whole different story.  Your child comes home angry and is a walking emotional time bomb!  You spend your evening WALKING ON EGG SHELLS and wondering if you’re next request is going to lead to an explosion.

Your child is struggling at school.  He just can’t seem to control his frustrations and is taking it out on the those around him.  The number of calls from the school is increasing and you’re feeling PRESSURED to fix it, but you don’t know what to do, especially since you’re not a school with him.

Fears and anxiety seem to have overtaken your child.  She worries about EVERYTHING and always thinks about the worst-case scenario.  Going to bed is the worst, as that is when all the fears pile up.  You’ve tried every trick in the book and nothing works to help her feel safe.

As a parent, you just want your child to be happy and to enjoy being a kid; you want your child to succeed at school, to make friends, and to feel proud; and you want your child to learn how to manage those big feelings and make better choices.


We’ll take time to truly understand your child’s behavior so that you can use parenting strategies that actually work.  We’ll help you create daily routines that bring calm and cooperation to your household – Yes, CALM and COOPERATION can happen!  We’ll help your child learn easy to use strategies that lead to better choices and increased self-esteem.  And we’ll support you in getting all the professionals working together to ensure your child is succeeding at school and in the community.

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