We provide in-person and virtual family counselling services in LaSalle, Ontario. We specialize in supporting children, teens, and parents. Families from Amherstburg and Windsor can easily access our office, which is located in the Active Body Plaza. Though we prefer in-person sessions, we understand the logistical challenges that in-person sessions can present for parents. We therefore offer virtual sessions as needed to meet families’ busy schedules.

The Advantage of In-Person Counselling Services

For child and teen counselling, we highly recommend in-person sessions over virtual because of the opportunities it presents for hands on learning.  During in-person sessions, our family counsellors get on the floor with your child or teen and use all the creative tools, toys, and resources.  As a result, we can connect with a larger range of learning styles.  Our large group room also provides the opportunity to get out of the counselling room and meet kids’ needs for movement – and bubble blowing!  Most importantly, the more hands-on tools used, the more learning that occurs, resulting in use of strategies outside of the counselling room.

Yes, even parents can benefit from the use of hands-on tools and visuals!  Though we still recommend in-person sessions for family counselling, we appreciate the challenges parents face and therefore will utilize virtual sessions as needed.

How to Get to the Swabey Family Counselling Office in LaSalle

Swabey Family Counselling sign on a billboard in LaSalle, Ontario.

Accessing family counselling services in LaSalle, Amherstburg, and Windsor is easy! Our family counselling office is located at 1765 Sprucewood Avenue in the Active Body Plaza. Swabey Family Counselling is right next to Float and Awad Medical, therefore you will see our sign as soon as you pull into the parking lot.

Directions to Our LaSalle Office

1. EC Row Expressway West to Matchette Road Exit

First turn left on Matchette Road then follow it to Sprucewood Avenue.  Turn left.  Keep on Sprucewood until you see Salute Resto + Bar and then finally turn right into the next entrance at the Active Body Plaza.

2. Cabana Road

Take Cabana Road west and then continue on Todd Lane.  At the roundabout take the 3rd exit onto Malden Road.  Then at the 3rd set of lights turn right onto Sprucewood Avenue.  You will see the Active Body Plaza on your left.

3. Essex County Rd 20 Amherstburg

First head north on Essex County Rd 20/Front Rd.  Follow it to Sprucewood Avenue (before the McDonald’s) and then turn right.  Keep on Sprucewood until you see Salute Resto + Bar.  Turn right into the next entrance.

Why Choose Us

Family counselling should be colourful and cozy – therefore there are no dull clinical feeling rooms in our LaSalle office! We created an environment that feels like home. The result being, a space where you can kick off your shoes, put on a cozy pair of slippers, and get comfortable. We want you to step out of the hustle and bustle for an hour and focus on your family’s well-being. Bins of toys are meant to be explored, carpets are meant to be spread out on, and cushions are meant to be curled up with. We absolutely love it when children explore, create, and make a mess. Teens spreading out the furniture or floor means they feel safe in the space. That’s what we want! Without a doubt, our space is here for your entire family to feel warm and welcomed.